I Was Doing The Gigaba Challenge [Zaza says]

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I Was Doing The Gigaba Challenge [Zaza says]
I Was Doing The Gigaba Challenge [Zaza says]

Zaza Nyama popular known as Ntjamme said his 4-5 was video was leaked.

HE NEVER meant his 4-5 to be hanging around on social media.

β€œI just did it at a party for a joke and this woman told me she’d deleted it,” said Zaza.


Zaza Nyama (37) from the Vaal in Vereeniging, Gauteng assured Daily Sun that the video was no more than a drunken party joke.

But for the woman he picked up that night, it was a way to make some money.

Zaza, known as Ntjamme to his friends, is known to be a well dressed man who loves the finer things in life.

He said he had a good reputation and would never degrade himself in this manner.

He said he took a video of himself in November which he sent to his girlfriend, while the second one was taken last Monday by a woman he picked up at a party.

He said his girlfriend lost her phone a week ago but he didn’t know how both the videos were leaked on the same day – Thursday.

β€œI was shocked when my friends called me on Friday to tell me about the videos. It was embarrassing. I decided to tell the public that I was just doing the Gigaba challenge,” Ntjamme said.

β€œThe woman who went with me to my house took the video. I thought we were just fooling around. I asked her to delete the video which she did. But she had already saved it somewhere else.”

He said she came back the next day and demanded R1 000.

β€œShe said if I didn’t give her the money she would post the video.”

He said he gave her the money but then she came back for more.

β€œI decided not to give her any more money and she posted the video. I went to my attorney but he said there wasn’t enough evidence to prove that she had posted it.”

Ntjamme, the father of an 11-year-old daughter, said his family is not pleased with the videos and his mother is not talking to him.

β€œAs a parent and a businessman I don’t want those images on the internet. My company aims to give back to the Vaal community by producing music for upcoming musicians,” said Ntjamme.

β€œI did not post those nude videos!”

– Daily Sun

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